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Alexander Koglin, PhD

Alex received his PhD in biophysical chemistry from the University in Frankfurt/ Main, Germany. He was a Postdoc at the Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA, and an Oppenheimer Fellow at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in Los Alamos, NM. Alex focuses on bioinformatic analysis of natural product biosynthetic clusters. He eats scones and drinks coffee.


Anthony Chilton, PhD
Chief Strategy Officer

Tony has spent over 20 years in senior leadership roles in drug development including contract service and innovative pharma companies, gaining operational and regulatory experience in Canada, US and Europe. Tony obtained his honors degree in Chemistry from the University of East Anglia, UK and his PhD with the University of Hertfordshire. He also loves Formula 1 racing and Michael's coffee.

Michael Humbert, PhD

Michael received his PhD in biochemistry from the University in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. He was a Research Fellow and Instructor at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA, working on vaccine design and antibody development. In recent years, he developed diagnostic antibodies for blood tests. Michael is the barista of the lab.


Charlie Villanueva, BS
Lab Assistant

Charlie received his BS in biology and chemistry from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, NM. Prior to joining NTxBio, he worked in R&D and commercialization of new products for a privately funded startup in Albuquerque. He is the company's salad enthusiast (but gets lured into eating tacos a lot). 




NTxBio™ is a Santa Fe-based R&D, bioinformatics and biomanufacturing startup company that develops and advances a unique platform for research scale to mid-scale, host-independent biological manufacturing.

​The NTx™ platform enables high-throughput screening for and fast prototyping of novel biological materials with defined qualities. NTxBio™ expands its research and development to allow real-time metabolic profiling of bacteria, fungi and plants to discover, characterize and produce new chemical entities (NCEs) and biosimilars with increased reproducibility at a reduced footprint and accelerated time effort. The goal is to provide materials for a diverse product development and drug leads for clinical development, which counter infectious diseases and other health conditions that present a challenge to public health.



Drug Discovery and Biosynthesis Platform

Our effort is to continually improve and accelerate the integration of our natural product identification (DruID) and in vitro biosynthesis process (ivt² ™). Recently, we started the transition to a fully recombinant in vitro transcription/translation system, testing and verification is to be completed within a few weeks. Our novel system is thermostable, O2-tolerant and combined with a unique energy-regenerating system which can support ATP supply for days. This system allows significantly longer run times and continuous flow operation. As a recombinant system excludes any form of cellular metabolism, RNAse/DNase or protease activity and unintended posttranslational modification, the reproducibility of in vitro produced biologics is significantly improved.


With this excellent platform, NTxBio can identify and synthesize novel therapeutics and biologics with a higher degree of efficiency, speed and reproducibility thriving to lift suffering of humanity from disease.

Nature’s Toolbox Drug Discovery


NTxBio’s AI system (DruID) identifies potential new drug candidates from the vast expanse of biologically active natural products. It will plot the biosynthesis route for using our patented recombinant cell-free system (ivt² ™). Our fully in situ/in vitro approach allows to genetically engineer biosynthetic components of pathways as well as the structure of compounds generating a novel drug discovery pipeline of relevant drug leads that have a high probability for efficacy and safety.


NTx has used their unique drug discovery approach to enable the identification and in vitro biosynthesis of compounds within two important strategic fields:

  1. A new class of anti-TB leads has been identified and two new anti–bacterial compounds intended for treatment of drug-resistant TB have been synthesized and are currently under initial testing.

  2. We also focused on the need for faster access to better and safer vaccines and are working to generate a modified and predicted safer version of the world’s most common vaccine against tetanus to potentially replace the existing one.

Anti-TB Compounds


NTX-101 and NTX-102

Brief description of the compounds and the data obtained so far.

Demonstrated activity in drug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis:



Further activities are demonstrated against:


   Yersinia pestis                                     Francisella tularensis

   Klebsiella pneumoniae                        Bacillus anthracis

   Haemophilus influenzae                     Acinetobacter baumannii



 New Tetanus Vaccine




This genetically detoxed tetanus vaccine will not be derived from active clostridium tetani culture, does not require an inactivation with formaldehyde, the currently established method, and has a faster production turn-around cycle when made in vitro.



Matthew Ennis, PhD

Board Of Directors

Thomas Nickoloff | Camino Real Capital Partners, LLC

Matthew Ennis | CEO

Michael Humbert  | Co-Founder




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